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Fishing Report for June 24th, 2021

Fishing Reports for June 24th, 2021

This report courtesy of the Oswego County Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning.

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Man holding large salmon

Lake Ontario report:

Lake conditions have been on the rough side the last week, lots of west winds have brought a lot of warm generic water to the East end.  However, we expect heavy south winds the next few days. This should cool things down.


This following report is courtesy of Captain Andy Bliss, of Cold Steel Charters.

The fishing this week was up and down. When they decided to bite, they bit! But when they had lockjaw, it was brutal. We did start finding more active salmon this week.

The past week we had boats fishing Brown Trout near the buoy line some days the guys did very well with a large browns being caught.  Other days the brown just did not want to cooperate. The best depths for Browns have been 40 to 80 feet of water. The key to catching grounds in a very generic water column is the spread out your baits from top to bottom. Lead cores from 2 to 10 colors.  Divers from 60 to 150 out slides and fixed.

The best spoons have been stingers in standard and stingray sizes.  Mongoose, Doctor, NBK, Neon gator, golden shiner, and diehard.

Salmon fishing is increased 150 to 400 feet of water depending on the day.  One day you’ll be fishing 250 to 350 and then afternoon you’ll be back in 150 to 200.

They have been very moody but when they decide to bite get ready!  It’s been fast action.  We’ve been taking plenty of kings on spoons but the fly and meat right behind flashers has really started to pick up.
We’ve been catching most of our salmon under 50° temps this has led us to be fishing very deep. 90 to 140 down has been key to catching a large salmon. Smaller Kings and Steelhead have been taken from 60 to 90 down

A-TOM-MIK Coppers from 300 to 500 have been producing.  Dipsey is from 150 to 300.  I’ve been running meqt behind my flashers with both clean heads and ATOMMIK Twinkie rigs in steel gator and Pro Am.
After avoiding storms most of the morning on Monday we finally got out fishing only to be greeted by the classic post storm bite a.k.a. tough fishing.  But the Eaton crew hung in and we’re awarded with a beautiful king salmon.

Man on boat holding large salmonMexico:

The Following report is brought to you by Captain Casey Prisco of Dirty Goose Sportfishing.

This week we’ve been targeting lake Trout and steelhead and salmon and steelhead.

When targeting Lake Trout we have found the best action in 140 to 160 feet of water. As the day goes by the fishing gets better as you head out to deeper waters.

Our best Lake trout Riggs have been blue bells and green/chart glo back blades.

When targeting Steelhead, while we are slow trolling for lake trout our best spoon has been angry bird. We are targeting the steelhead with 5-10 color lead cores.

The salmon bite has occurred west out of Mexico Pt. In 250-400’ of water.  We have been fishing deep for the kings, 90-120+ down. Our go-to baits have been Oki slashers in bullfrog and white Casper with meat.  Stinger flashers in pretty girl, green chip, Fat Nancy and green jeans pulling ATOMMIK stud and green glo flies.  Steelhead are coming on the angry bird and hawgwild.

This week we managed to take out biggest king of the season! Look out for some monsters this year!


Oswego River report:

Spring and summer mean bass on the Oswego River.  Anglers also target carp, walleye, and pan fish.  Occasionally a summer run steelhead or Atlantic salmon is spotted in the mix too.

Our recommendation for walleye is to fish on the west side, between the two bridges, especially at night.  Most walleye setups will get the job done.

Please check our website for the current CFS, and check back in mid-August for the fall salmon report.

Please Consider the Following Year-Round Notice: There are mandatory personal flotation device (PFD) zones on the river. For more information, visit our website at and click on the Fishing Report along the top bar on the home page. The Oswego Fire Department offers loaner life jackets at no charge through its “Loaner for Life” program. For more information contact the fire station at 35 E. Cayuga St. by calling 315-343-2161.

Click here for the Brookfield Varick Fish Safely brochure.

Click here for the current water flow.


Salmon River report:

This time of year usually means bass on the Salmon River.  Smallmouth can be very aggressive, so our biggest recommendation is to try a lot of pockets and keep moving throughout the day.  They will hit anything from a juicy fly to a crank bait.

Northern pike are also caught at the mouth around port Ontario.

There are lots of boat launches and marinas on the Salmon River, but we recommend calling ahead to make sure the water is high enough to launch.  Please check our website for the river CFS, and check back in late-August for the fall salmon report.


Oneida Lake report:

Walleye season opened the second weekend of May, and with an average depth of 22’ bass can be caught throughout most of the lake.  We recommend first-timers who are targeting bass to try the mouth of the Oneida River as well, since it’s easy to identify where the cover is.

Check out our website for more information on charters.


Sandy Pond report:

The main points of access for Sandy Pond are: Greenpoint, “The Elms,” Wigwam, and the new DEC launch at Stanley Drive.

Popular species throughout the summer include bullhead, crappie, pan fish, northerns, bass, walleye, and the occasional pickerel.

Check back with us in January for our ice fishing report.