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2019 Fishing Tournaments

Lake Ontario Pro-Am Salmon and Trout Team Tournament

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The Oswego County Pro-Am Salmon and Trout Team Tournament has a great history as a quality event.

View from Mexico point Boat Launch

Given the diversity of the Lake Ontario Shoreline and the excellent choices that our visitors have when it comes to selecting marina services, Oswego County offers a choice of three tournament launch sites.

The newest offering is the Lighthouse Marina in Port Ontario, an excellent choice for participants joining us from the

Salmon River Lighthouse Marina courtesy of: D. Drosse

North. In the middle of the pack lies the New York State boat launch at Mexico Point and the various marinas located on the Little Salmon River. And finally, participants have a choice of three marinas located within the protection of the Port of Oswego and the closest to the actual tournament activities.

For those of you who enjoy the extra thrill of the Challenge Cup, the Eastern Cup competition starts here and begins the third leg of the lake-wide Challenge Cup competition. With the main activities close to historic downtown Oswego, the Oswego County event is the perfect opportunity to bring your family and let them enjoy the many cultural and recreational amenities while you chase down Lake Ontario’s record setting browns, cohos and kings. For contact information see the instructions on the entry form or visit the Lake Ontario Pro Am Cup web site at and we will be glad to help.

Looking forward to seeing you on the water!