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Fishing Reports for September 2nd, 2021

Fishing Reports for September 2nd, 2021

This report courtesy of the Oswego County Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning.

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Lake Ontario report:

Lake conditions have been very erratic over the last week.  And we predict even more mixed-up conditions for the next few days.

The following report is courtesy of Captain Andy Bliss of Cold Steel Sportfishing.

The fishing this last week has been better than the previous couple weeks.  Salmon are starting to stage in shallow water and becoming more active.

The last 2 days the salmon have moved closer and closer to the rivers. We are catching fish in 50-110’ water in front of the major rivers and off 9-mile point.

Keys to our success can be credited to ATOMMIK flies behind Stinger Flashers, specifically pigpen, scumline, Marv’s fatty, and white Bikini. Trailing stud, B & B fly glows, and green glo flys.

We have also been catching fish from 25-70’ down. Remember as these kings start to stage that their preferred water temps are also changing.  Don’t be afraid to start targeting the warmer water many kings will hold and 60 to 67° water this time of year.  Some days you’ll find the only active fish up in that warm water so don’t be afraid to fish up high.

Mexico Bay has seen an invasion of salmon.   From 9-mile point to the high rocks has been the most consistent producer for a lot of boats; as well as in front of the Salmon River.


Oswego River report:

After the extremely high water we have had the last two weeks it is finally receded enough to produce safer wading conditions. The river is still very dangerous to wade at 10k+, so be careful!

With the river water at 75+ degrees salmon won’t be heading up in big numbers but there are always a few of the early runners.   Early fish always tend to head to the dam as it has the most oxygen and they are hoping to go farther upstream to cooler waters.

The best way to target these fish is to concentrate on the shoots coming off the dam. Egg patterns work best to generate strikes.

          Please Consider the Following Year-Round Notice: There are mandatory personal flotation device (PFD) zones on the river. For more information, visit our website at and click on the Fishing Report along the top bar on the home page. The Oswego Fire Department offers loaner life jackets at no charge through its “Loaner for Life” program. For more information contact the fire station at 35 E. Cayuga St. by calling 315-343-2161.

Click here for the Brookfield Varick Fish Safely brochure.

Click here for the current water flow.


Salmon River report:

We had report of the first salmon of the season about two weeks ago.  The angler was Norbert Samok who was a guest at Eddies Salmon River Lodge.

Since then, the Douglaston Salmon Run has reported salmon entering the river on a consistent basis.

This weekend there is a scheduled white-water release, that plus the cooler temperatures should attract a better push.  Salmon will likely be found from the estuary up through town.

Concentrate on the faster shires and ruffles as they are more oxygenated. Best baits will be small egg patterns; be it flies, rubber eggs or even egg sacs.   We recommend wearing cleats and to always be careful crossing.

Tight lines!