Get into the “spirit” ghost hunting at Mexico Point Park

On September 21 the P.I.T. Cru will be investigating Casey’s Cottage at Mexico Point Park just off 104 B. Experts will explain and set up equipment used to detect paranormal events then organize investigations. Spots are limited so reserve yours now.  The event runs from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.Refreshments will be served. For only $35 this is your chance to be part of a real paranormal investigation.

At 7p.m. on the same evening Edna Yablonski will be sharing paranormal stories about the park and Casey’s Cottage.  If you are only interested in the story telling segment the cost will be $5 but for those who stay for the P. I.  T. Cru investigatory segment of the evening the storytelling will be free of charge.  For more information and/or reservations call 402-7170.