Help Sought in Identifying Oswego County WWI Casualties for WWI 100th Anniversary Commemoration Project

OSWEGO, NY — Justin White, Oswego County Historian, along with town and city historians throughout the county, are compiling a listing of those from Oswego County who served in the military and died during WWI.

“We are asking for the public’s help in completing this list so that a plaque can be made to honor our county’s fallen WWI veterans,” White said. “We are striving for as complete and accurate a list as we can compile, but we can’t do it without the public’s help. We want to complete this list by March 1, 2018.

“This coming November will be the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice ending WWI. Plans are underway to dedicate a plaque on Veterans Day at the Oswego County Veterans Memorial Park in Oswego recognizing those from our county who served and died during the Great War.

“Those working on this project realize that the list they compiled may not be complete or 100 percent accurate such as correct spelling of names. There may be information out there that only relatives of WWI veterans would know, as to the fate their WWI ancestors.

“We may have missed someone who died during the war, or spelled a name incorrectly, even included someone who may have been reported as having died, only to find out the report at the time was in error, which we found to be the case on a couple occasions during our research,” said White. “We are still looking for documentation to verify a number of Oswego’s WWI casualties, and are hopeful someone may have the proof we need to confirm or dispel the information we have on these individuals.”

Listed below are the names of those individuals with supporting information who have been reported as being an Oswego County WWI casualty. Names with asterisks are individuals for whom we are seeking additional information. Several factors were considered to determine whether an individual would be considered an Oswego County WWI casualty: The individual must have been born or had lived in Oswego County; or whose parent(s) or spouse were living in Oswego County at the time of death, which occurred while in service during the war from any cause; or the individual died within 120 days after the end of the war (11/11/1918). We want to get the public’s input by March 1, 2018.

Oswego County WWI Casualties:
Samuel Aluzzo

James V. Barner
William M. Barnett
George W. Barrington Ormond Barstow
Henry M. Bassett
Otto Berlin
William J. Bigelow
Frank H. Breitbeck
Arthur E. Brinklow
Charles Brockway*
John L. Bryce
Clayton Butterworth

Toni Cappelloni (Cappeldoni)
Herbert R. Clough
James P. Coakley
Charles J. Connell
Sigel F. Cook
Patrick F. Crowley
Edward C. Cuff
George C. Culeton
Raymond J. Culeton

Erie D. Dana
William G. Davis
Clarence DeLong
John R. Devens
Michael J. Donovan
Edward T. Dowling
Ira Dunham
Harold J. Dupre

Herbert F. Edick
Robert R. Edwards

Sam Fabrez
Joseph Fawdry
Grant Fry (Frye)
Glenn A. Fuller
Sam Furnari

Frank Gallagher
Chadwick Gerow
Franklin G. Goodrowe
Leon M. Goodrowe

Rex S. Hadley
Clarence Hamlin
Timothy J. Harrington
James Heagerty
Clarence L. Henry
Clarence W. Henry*
Frederick Herholz
Jesse M. Hewitt
William T. Hill
William Hogan
Ward S. Hollenbeck
Nathaniel H. Hort
Thomas W. Howley
Lewis A. Hubbard
Leon D. Huffstater
Edward L. Hurley

Arthur Ingram

Henry W. Jacobs
Lawrence E. Jessmore
Lewis E. Johnson
Charles E. Jones

Kosta Kampones
Lester A. Kempston
Albert J. Knight

Gerlando Lagapia
Allen (Albert) Lamb*
Edmond J. LaPorte*
Carl W. Leadbetter
Edward N. Leboult
Byron R. Lester
Vernon A. Lusk

James MacCombie
Wiliam MacLeod
John Marshall
Thomas Massey
Benjamin Q. Mastin
Lawrence McCarthy
Joseph McCloski*
William McKinstry
Bart McLernon
Henry Mendell
George Mills
Stanley Mills
William S. Monaghan
Levi Morehouse

William Newsbaum

Claude J. Oderkirk

David B. Page, Jr.
Ralph Patrick
Charles Pearl*

James Ranger
Joe V. Rapacki
Merritt R. Raymond
Richard H. Reed
Archibald Robbins
Charles M. Rowe
Delbert W. Russell

Wiliam J. Scanlon
Harry L. Schafer
John J. Shannon
Raymond F. Sharrer
Archie Sill
Homer R. Smith
Charles M. Snyder
Lenerd H. Snyder
Lyman C. Stacy
Donald E. Stone
Leslie M. Stone
Willard Straight
Edward F. Sullivan
Frederick J. Sullivan
George W. Sweeney

Garold (Gerald) E. Taylor
Cyrus Thomas
Harry W. Thompson
Orin Thompson
Andrew Tylka
George A. Tyson

George D. Vanderwerken
Earl J. VanHoosen

William G. Walders
Wilfred A. Washburn, Jr.
Frank J. Weir
Harrison D. Welden
Neil E. Wheeler
Elwood J. Whitney
Willis H. Whitney
Earl D. Wilder
Elisha T. Wilson*
Clarence E.Wood
Herman H. Woolley
Harold H. Wright

Michael Yacura (Jacura)*

Anyone with additions or corrections to the Oswego County WWI Casualty listing should contact Dan Allen, who is finalizing the master list. Any suggested changes will only be made based on the ability to provide supporting documentation.

Allen can be reached at, or (315) 591-2842 and you can visit their Facebook page under “Oswego County WWI Commemoration.” His mailing address is: Dan Allen, c/o Oswego Public Library, 120 E. 2nd St., Oswego, NY 13126. You can also find more information on Facebook at “Oswego County WWI Commemoration.”