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Welcome to the Oswego County Video Tour Book

Explore Oswego County through six different categories to bring this unique and beautiful area to life. Simply click on each tab to the left and enjoy!

Welcome: Hello from Oswego County. This video begins with an introduction from Kevin Gardner, the Chairman of the Oswego County Legislature. Oswego County, just north of Syracuse, has unique geography, land and water amenities, historical sites and fantastic dining.

Real Estate and Relocation: Explore a variety of affordable housing from historical Victorians and traditional colonials to rustic cabins and traditional farmhouses. Come and make this place your home!

Quality of Life: View the stable neighborhoods and modern school districts. See the views of Oswego County as it sits along the shores of Lake Ontario.

Economic Development: Enjoy and discover the abundance of locally generated power throughout Oswego County and explore why Oswego County is plugged in to the global economy.

Healthcare: Search all the local healthcare opportunities available like the Oswego Hospital, out-patient facilities and school-based medical facilities.

Great Outdoors: Finally, learn about all the activities in Oswego County throughout the four seasons of the year. Take pleasure in over 1,000 acres of parks, forests and natural areas where biking, fishing, sailing, golfing, birding and more are enjoyed!

*Enjoy sponsored videos of nearby attractions, services and local businesses on the outside border of each video tour.