Muzzleloading season for deer and bear opens October 19 in NY’s Northern Zone

Muzzleloading season for deer and bear begins tomorrow, October 19, and runs through Friday, October 25throughout New York’s Northern Zone, including the Adirondack region. An annual event for many NY hunters, the opening day of muzzleloading season traditionally accounts for more deer taken than any other single day of the year in the Northern Zone.  Overall, muzzleloading season generally yields 25-30% of the total deer take and about 40% of the antlerless deer take in the Northern Zone. With a mild winter in 2011-12 and a moderate winter in 2012-13, deer populations have been growing throughout the north country. Wild foods are abundant in many areas this year, and hunters who can locate where deer are moving to feed on apples, acorns or beechnuts should have good prospects of success.

Hunters are also reminded that the Regular Firearms Season for deer and bear in the Northern Zone immediately follows the muzzleloading season and runs from Saturday, October 26 through Sunday, December 8.

For more details of open areas and hunting seasons, see  Hunting forecasts for each Wildlife Management Unit can be viewed at