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Fall Foliage Driving Tours

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View Circular Foliage Route

Circular Foliage Route

  • This route passes through some of the most beautiful areas of eastern Oswego County, such as Littlejohn and Happy Valley NYSDEC Wildlife Management Areas, and the Salmon River Reservoir. Beginning at the intersection of NYS-104 to its junction with NYS-13. Turn right and continue on Rte. 13 until it meets Co. Rte. 17 in Williamstown. Turn left, heading north on Rte. 17 up to Littlejohn Wildlife Management Area, at the intersection with Co. Rte. 15. This road leads west into Sandy Creek, where it meets Rte. 3. At this intersection, turn left, driving south on Rte. 3 to Mexico, to complete the circle.
View Water Focused Tour

Water Focused Tour

  • Another tour adds the waters of Panther Lake, Oneida Lake, Salmon River, and the Salmon River Reservoir to the views of the remarkable foliage. Starting at the intersection of NYS-49 and county Rte. 17 in Bernhard’s Bay, take Rte. 49 west until it intersects with county Rte. 11 in West Monroe. Turn right, heading north on Rte. 11 until it intersects with NYS-69.  Turn left on Rte. 69, heading west. Turn right, onto county Rte. 26, turn left onto Rte. 22 and head north to the intersection with NYS-104. Take Rte. 22 north through the village of Altmar, along the Salmon River, and into the town of Orwell to the intersection with county Rte. 2. Turn right onto Rte. 2 and follow east to the intersection with county Rte. 17 in Redfield. Take a right on Rte. 17, heading south past the Salmon River Reservoir and Panther Lake and back to Bernhard’s Bay.
View Salmon River Falls Tour

Salmon River Falls Tour

  • This tour takes visitors to the NYSDEC Salmon River Fish Hatchery in the village of Altmar and then to view the breath- taking Salmon River Falls in the town of Orwell.
  • From Oswego, or from I-81 exit 34, take State Rte. 104, east to county Rte. 22, following the signs for the Altmar Fish Hatchery. Turn left onto Rte. 22 and continue northeast approximately 5 miles to the village of Altmar. Turn right onto NYS-13. Turn left after .10 mile back onto Rte. 22. The Salmon River Fish Hatchery is one-half mile on the left, at 2133 Co. Rte. 22. The hatchery is open through Nov. 30 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Visitors may view egg-taking on weekdays. Displays, exhibits, and outdoor fish ladders are open daily.
  • After visiting the Salmon River Fish Hatchery, turn left out of the parking lot onto Rte. 22. You will pass the Lower Reservoir about 1.4 miles from the fish hatchery. Access is available for canoes and kayaks from day-use picnic areas across from Bennetts Bridge, and approximately .75 mile up Hogback Road. The Lighthouse Hill hydropower facility, located on the Lower Reservoir, was built in 1930. Look for the large osprey nests on top of the power poles next to the reservoir. Continue on Rte. 22, past the Bennetts Bridge hydropower facility, and turn right onto Falls Road, about 3.5 miles from the hatchery. Travel 1.4 miles to the Salmon River Falls Unique Area. The parking area is on the right. This 110-foot waterfall provides a breathtaking view any time of the year. A footpath to the bottom of the gorge is open through Nov. 15. Areas of the gorge are restricted and visitors should stay on maintained footpaths and use extreme caution.
  • After visiting Salmon River Falls, return to the intersection of Falls Road and Rte. 22, and take Rte. 22 south past the fish hatchery to the intersection of NYS-13. From the village of Altmar, you may turn right onto Rte. 13 and continue northeast through the village of Pulaski. You may access I-81 in the village of Pulaski or continue down Rte. 13 to Port Ontario. Turn left onto NYS-3 and continue to NYS-104B to the intersection of NYS-104.  Continue west on NYS-104 to Oswego.

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fall at the falls

Salmon River Falls

Breitbeck Park
  • Located in Oswego on Lake St. in the west harbor area.
  • The only park in Oswego to overlook Lake Ontario.
  • Offers playground, basketball courts, picnic tables and benches overlooking the harbor and lake.
  • Kingsford Bell
    • The Kingsford Bell stands tall in Oswego’s Breitbeck Park. The bell was taken from the former Oswego Starch Factory. The factory was owned by Thomas Kingsford, the namesake for the bell, who is famous for developing an innovative technique in creating starch through a process using maize, Indian corn. The Kingsford Factory stretched along the west side of the Oswego River and employed thousands of residents.

The Kingsford Bell at Breitbeck Park in Oswego - Photo by Jessica Trump Breitbeck Park overlooking the Oswego Harbor - Photo by Jessica Trump


Deer Creek Marsh

  • Located on Rainbow Shores Rd., Pulaski.
  • 1,195 acres of wetland and uplands between Lake Ontario and NYS-3 in town of Richland. Viewing tower, parking area, boat access, handicapped access. Scenic vistas, bird watching, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hunting, fishing, trapping.

Deer Creek Marsh - Photo by Troy Weldy Deer Creek Marsh - Photo by Troy Weldy

Photos taken by Troy Weldy. For more photos and information on Oswego County Wetlands, click here.


Derby Hill Bird Observatory

  • Located off NYS-104B on Sage Creek Rd. in Mexico.
  • Weather/hawk hotline, early March to late May: 315-963-8291
  • Located on the southeastern corner of Lake Ontario, Derby Hill Bird Observatory is internationally known for the spring-hawk migration. More than 40,000 counted annually. Thousands of red-tailed hawks and hundreds of bald eagles fly over the site each spring. The sharp-eyed may even spot a golden eagle or a ruby-throated hummingbird. In the fall, look for many species of geese, ducks, terns and other migrating water birds. Owned by Onondaga Chapter of the NYS Audubon Society.

Learn about the birds at the Derby Hill Bird Observatory - Photo by Jessica Trump The scenic overlook at Derby Hill - Photo by Jessica Trump


NYS Revolutionary Byway

  • Stretching over 150 miles from Schenectady to Port Ontario, the Revolutionary Byway showcases a rich and varied history. It highlights scenic beauty, natural and cultural resources, recreation, and agricultural traditions. The byway, along NYS routes 5, 49, 69 and 13, offers museums, multiple-era historic sites, and recreational activities like hiking, cycling, fishing, canoeing, kayaking and boating.


Oneida Lake

  • This 23 mile lake forms the southeastern corner of Oswego County. The north shore borders NYS-49.
    Oneida Lake was part of Lake Iroquois, formed nearly 12,000 years ago when a glacier dammed what is now the St. Lawrence River and flooded much of Central New York. As climate change occurred and the glacial ice mass retreated northward, the St. Lawrence outlet to the Atlantic Ocean opened, draining most of Lake Iroquois. Oneida Lake remains in a slight depression of the former bed of the much larger glacial lake.

Oneida Lake in the Summer - Photo by Barb Keck


Oswego Harbor

  • Located in the center of the city of Oswego, on Lake Ontario.
  • Oswego Harbor has been the site of commercial activity since before the French and Indian war when it was used by fur traders.
  • Significant battles have been fought on both sides of the Oswego River during different periods in our nation’s history.
  • Today it serves as a scenic hotspot with unique public access on both sides of the river, called the East and West Linear Parks, with a great view of Fort Ontario and the West Pierhead Lighthouse.
  • West Pierhead Lighthouse
    • Located on Lake Ontario in the Oswego Harbor.
    • It was built in 1934 and automated in 1967. One of the Port City’s most recognizable landmarks. Not open to the public but a great photo opportunity.

The Oswego Harbor - Photo by Harrison Wilde The Oswego Harbor at night - Photo by Jon Vermilye

The Oswego Lighthouse - Photo by Mary Ellen Barbeau The Oswego Lighthouse at Sunset - Photo by Mike Conroy


Oswego River Canal

Canalling the Oswego River The Oswego River Canal in the Fall - Photo by Mary Ellen Barbeau


Salmon River Falls Unique Area

  • Located on Falls Rd. in Orwell. 1.4 miles northeast of Co. Rte. 22.
  • 110-ft waterfall provides a breathtaking view any time of the year. Footpath to the bottom of the gorge is open May 1- Nov. 15. Areas of the gorge are restricted and visitors should use extreme caution. Footpath is closed in winter except to ice climbers, who must register at sign-in area. Owned by NYS DEC. *The path to the base of the falls is currently closed due to erosion. It will remain closed until it has been restored.

The Salmon River Falls in the winter - Photo by Jessica Trump The Salmon River Falls in the summer - Photo by Jessica Trump


Salmon River Upper & Lower Reservoirs:

  • Located in northern Oswego County in Redfield and Orwell.
  • For a list of access points, click here
  • Split into two reservoirs, the Upper and Lower reservoirs prove very scenic and offer many recreation opportunities.
  • Osprey nests, bald eagles sighted, access points for launching kayaks and canoes, fishing.

The Salmon River Reservoir in the Fall - Photo by Jessica Trump The Salmon River Reservoir in the Summer - Photo by Jessica Trump


Seaway Trail

  • 315-646-1000 or 1-800-SEAWAY-T (732-9298).
  • This 454-mile scenic highway-waterway parallels the St. Lawrence River, Lake Ontario, Niagara River, and Lake Erie.
  • America’s longest National Recreation Trail, the Seaway Trail is recognized for mixed usage by automobile, boat, motorcoach, camper, and bicycle.


Salmon River Lighthouse & Marina

  • Located at 5 Lake Rd. Extension, Pulaski.
  • 315-509-4208
  • Located at the mouth of the Salmon River, the Selkirk Lighthouse was completed and activated in 1938. Today the light serves as a Class II Aid to Navigation. It is privately owned and may be rented for overnight stays, reunions and weddings. Photo opportunity.

The Selkirk Lighthouse in the Winter - Photo by Jessica Trump The Selkirk Lighthouse in the Summer - Photo by Jessica Trump


Selkirk Shores State Park

  • Located on 7101 NYS-3 in Pulaski
  • 315-298-5737
  • The park’s campsites overlook a bluff on Lake Ontario. Along with great year-round recreational opportunity, visitors can lay out on the beach, swim in the lake, or walk along the pier to view the amazing sunsets.
  • Selkirk Shores is on the direct migration route for a wide variety of bird species.
  • Offers a launch, playground, restrooms, picnic tables and grills, fish cleaning station and partial handicap access.

Selkirk Shores - Photo by Kelly Jordal Picnicing at Selkirk Shores - Photo by Jessica Trump

Selkirk Shores State Park - Photo by Jessica Trump Selkirk Shores at Sunset - Photo by Kelly Jordal


Taft Bay Park

  • Located on Oneida Lake off of NYS Rte. 49 in Bernhards Bay.
  • 315-623-9206
  • 2 pavilions with electricity that may be reserved by calling the listed phone number. Park offers a bathhouse, beach with lifeguards, picnic tables, barbecue grills, basketball & tennis courts, volleyball net and ball fields.