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Pulaski Historical Society & Museum

Pulaski Introduction (excerpt from “Pulaski: Oswego County’s Factory Town” by Terry Rossman)

Simple services like blacksmithing, grist and saw mills, livery and mercantilism fed a young budding town named “Fishville”. As the population grew, demands for goods and services grew and businesses flourished and expanded. The town became incorporated and named itself after Revolutionary War hero Casimir Pulaski. Many investors and entrepreneurs were attracted to Pulaski because of the water source of the Salmon River with dreams of success and wealth.

The individual growth of this community became so prominent that it took on the title of “Mill Town”. The location of Pulaski between central and northern New York saw its products circulated state wide, eventually nationally and internationally. The products that were manufactured here were quality and innovative for the times. Hundreds of locals found employment and the money flowed back into the community and caused it to prosper and grow.

The Pulaski Historical Society
3428 Maple Ave
Pulaski, NY 13142


When you walk through the doors your first stop is the kitchen.

Glassware from an old drug store.

Your next visit is the dining room.

On the left is the original chandelier from the Randall, which became the Log Cabin, which is now the Riverhouse Restaurant. On the right is a punch bowl from the Charlie Brooks Daylight Department Store. It was rented out to customers for their parties and get togethers.

Mary Lou Morrow, museum currator/village historian, holds onto her favorite piece in the museum.

After a fire that nearly destroyed the village of Pulaski, this was found in the basement of A.N. Beadle’s Hardware Store. If you look closely, on the right hand side, you can still see a nail and a screw that remain intact.

The above photos are from the next room which highlights the Selkirk Lighthouse, including history and art.

This is a self portrait of Metelill Huntington, a former resident of Pulaski. This 120 year old painting was discovered by a man in South Carolina who generously donated it to the Historical Society.

The war room: complete with posters, memorabilia, uniforms of local soldiers from the past, and a compilation of photos of local veterans

You’ve all seen the Uncle Sam poster for WWII. Did you know that the artist, James Montgomery Flagg, was the great uncle of longtime Pulaski resident, the late Pearl Bontomase?

The sword on the left is from the civil war. The war history continues in a small room upstairs.

Be sure to head upstairs to the ladies fashion room!

The wallpaper on the left is the original from what is now the Woodlawn Bed and Breakfast on US Route 11.

Jewelry made from hair!

Your kids will enjoy the toy room, with toys from past and present.

The Carriage Barn

Inside you’ll find industry, household tools and farming equipment.

You’ll find information on local factories and you’ll even get to see samples of their products. On the right is a salesman replica of a plow.

More industry history. Artwork of the old mills and factories.

Household and farming equipment.

That completes our virtual photo tour of the Pulaski Historical Society! We didn’t show you everything because we didn’t want to spoil the fun! They change their exhibits frequently and they have a record room so if you’re looking for information or you just want to get a feel for the way Pulaski was years ago, stop by and check it out!