Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is a truly unique winter adventure for those who are hearty enough to take the challenge. The Salmon River Falls Unique Area in Orwell is a premiere destination for ice climbers to test their skills.

Made up of 112 acres of land with a 110-foot waterfall, the site offers year-round recreation on its Upper Falls Trail, while its Gorge Trail is closed from Nov. 15 to May 1 and during high water events. During the winter months, it remains open only to registered ice climbers who take on these great ice formations on the cliff face. 

Each individual climber must register daily by putting their completed registration form into the kiosk box on site before entering the gorge.

For safety’s sake, climbers are recommended to climb in pairs, as the area is not regularly patrolled. 

For more information about Salmon River Falls Unique Area, including a site map and ice climbing registration form, find the park’s web page at New York State Department of Environmental Conversation (NYSDEC) at

Another, slightly more manageable way to enjoy the ice is with a pair of blades! Ice skating rinks are fun Oswego attractions to visit during the winter season. Go to <SUNY Oswego’s ice-skating page> <> for public skate hours, rentals and fees.

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