Oswego County is a great place to cycle and explore. Our roads have spacious shoulders for cycling and our woodland trails are home to thrill-seeking mountain bikers.

Many cycling routes cross the county, offering riders a variety of on- and off-road biking experiences. Road cycling includes touring, racing and commuting while mountain and fat bike riding allow riders to enjoy plenty of pedaling fun on a playground of winding trails.

Cyclocross racing is a thrilling off-road contest, usually held in the fall. Courses are made up of grass, dirt, mud, sand (and sometimes snow!) with sharp turns, steep backs, hurdles, tree roots and other obstacles.

Hundreds of miles of trails and routes offer both easy and challenging riding experiences. From scenic touring along the Great Lakes Seaway Trail to fat tire biking in Winona State Forest in Boylston, people can ride their way to adventure.

View stunning vistas on quiet country roads in the foothills of the Tug Hill Plateau. Enjoy a scenic ride through the Happy Valley Wildlife Management Area in Parish or take in the vibrant beauty of a Lake Ontario sunset. One of the fascinating things to do in Oswego, NY is to pedal along the Oswego Canal, stopping along the way to learn about its rich history.

From colorful forest trails to scenic byways and overlooks to waterfront and urban paths, cycle your way around Oswego County where you’ll discover charming towns with family-owned restaurants, thousands of campsites and shady rest stops with cool breezes off Lake Ontario.

To find biking trails in Oswego, NY, go to our list of PARKS AND RECREATION areas.