Public Land Chart

French explorer Samuel de Champlain described Oswego County’s landscape as “a very pleasing and fine country, watered by numerous small streams, two small rivers which empty into said lake [Ontario] and a number of ponds and prairies..” His description still holds true four centuries later. 

Explore our great outdoors with the activities listed below. 

Hunting and trapping are permitted on 20 designated New York State forests and wildlife management areas (WMAs). Hunting in Upstate NY is more dynamic as Oswego County falls in both the Northern and Southern hunting zones as designated by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). This extends the hunting season in Upstate NY and provides more opportunities for a wide variety of game.

Other permitted uses include fishing, paddling, primitive camping and cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter months.

NYSDEC primitive camping regulations apply and snowmobile access is restricted to town roads in most WMAs. 

Go to  for more information about the state’s Motorized Access Program for people with disabilities.

DEC lands Accessible Recreation Hunting & Trapping Fishing Cross Country Skiing & Snowshoeing Hiking Primitive Camping Car top Boat Launch Snowmobiling Acreage
Altmar State Forest 926
Battle Hill State Forest 1738
Chateaugay State Forest 4014
Curtiss Gale WMA 46
Deer Creek Marsh WMA 1771
Hall Island State Forest 2079
Happy Valley WMA 8898
Kasoag State Forest 1057
Klondike State Forest 875
Little John WMA 7918
Lower Salmon River State Forest 1700
O'Hara State Forest 1402
Orton Hollow State Forest 507
Salmon River Falls Unique Area 112
Salmon River State Forest 2763
Sandy Creek State Forest 538
Stave Mill State Forest 3127
Stone Hill State Forest 1025
Three Mile Bay WMA 3966
Trout Brook State Forest 622
West Osceola State Forest 1900
Winona State Forest 9233