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Few areas in the Northeast offer the quality and diversity of fishing found in Oswego County.

Captain Dave Silver with a spring King Salmon from Mexico Bay

From trolling on Lake Ontario for trophy trout, salmon and walleyes to fly fishing for wild brook trout in a freestone stream tucked away in the wilderness of the Tug Hill Plateau, Oswego County offers angling opportunities unmatched in New York State. Here are a couple videos of fishing Lake Ontario & the Salmon River from Oswego County.



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Protect the Contents of Your Tackle Box

We know that sportsmen and women are the watchdogs of our waterways. Still, our ponds, lakes, and rivers are being littered with worn-out soft plastic lures. Commit to stopping litter – including used tackle. When a soft plastic lure is worn or damaged, dispose of it properly. Recycle it or pitch it in a trash can. It’s that simple. To find out more visit,


Spencer Family

The Spencer family with Capt. Ed Monette