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Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing within Salmon River Falls Unique Area is allowed only with daily registration. Each individual climber must fill out the downloadable form below and deposit in the registration box prior to entering the gorge.

The purpose of this registration is to have up-to-date information of climbers within the gorge in case of an emergency. The registration information may also be used in the future planning for the area.

Ice Climbing

One mode of access to the base of the gorge is by way of the Gorge Trail. This trail is closed seasonally from November 15 thru May 1 due to the potential for high water or icy conditions. This trail is open to registered ice climbers.

Please be advised that this area is not regularly patrolled. It is recommended that all climbers climb in pairs in case of an emergency or accident.

Area Concerns for Climbers:

  • Fast Rising Water: The Salmon River Reservoir Dam is located 1 mile upstream of the falls. In the event of a high water release there is very little notice to fast rising water. If you notice the water rising move to higher ground and do not try and cross the river.
  • Threatened Plants: The birds-eye primrose and yellow mountain saxifrage are two threatened plant species, which grow and live on the steep cliffs and rock ledges within the gorge. It is important for ice climbers to be aware of these plants and climb in areas with ice formations in order to minimize disturbance to the plants and their habitat.

Ice Climbing Guidelines and Area Restrictions

  • No climbing is allowed without registering. To register, fill out the downloadable form below and place in registration box prior to each day’s entry into the gorge.
  • No climbing is allowed within the designated restricted area or on the face of the Falls.
  • Climbers are to use conventional ice climbing gear such as helmet, ice axe, crampons, etc…
  • Climbing in areas without ice and or conventional rock climbing is prohibited.
  • Ice climbing on this property is at your own risk.
  • No open fires.
  • No possession of glass containers or alcoholic beverages.
  • No motorized vehicles including snowmobiles, on the property.
  • The area is closed from sunset to sunrise.

Download the Ice Climbing Registration Form

Download the Salmon River Falls Ice Climbing Map

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