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Winter Trails Report


Cross Country Ski Trails Report
Snowmobile Trails Report

February 26th, 2021

This report courtesy of the Oswego County Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning.  


Overall temperatures have been in the mid-30’s to 40’s most days this past week.  Nights have been colder with some light snow.  But there is rain in the forecast this weekend, and Tuesday morning is currently the only day next week with snow in the forecast.

Please take care not to disturb the snow too much during warmer riding.  This will help us maintain the base on the trail.

According to the Redfield Snowmobile Association:

As of February 24th, the trails are in great shape despite the warm weather.  North and South of town were last groomed on the evening of February 23rd.


According to the Winona Forest Recreation Association:

As of Thursday, February 26th, Winona Forest received 6-8 inches of snow on Monday and another 5-6 inches of heavy wet snow on Tuesday. Trails were groomed Tuesday morning.  Wednesday we then saw temperatures reach 45 degrees!

These temperatures put our grooming temporarily on hold.  But today we spent time grooming the snowmobile trails.

According to the Mexico Trail Riders:

As of February 23rd, the groomer was in motion last night.  We groomed all of Palermo S56 and S57.  With the temperatures growing we hope we have enough base down to keep the trails open for a while longer.


Cross-Country Skiing:

According to the Winona Forest Recreation Association:

The event loop was combed and tracked on Thursday.  The trails are flat but not smooth like we had in the past month.

Don’t forget to register for the Festival of Flakes, which is the weekend of March 6th and 7th.

According to Friends of Great Bear:

A new QR Code was made up and posted at the kiosk.  The link will take you to the map page on the Friends of Great Bear Website.

Please stay on the open trails, on Great Bear property, and off surrounding private land.